Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mid-Week Passover

Seder Plate Name Tags

Last night we enjoyed a mid-week Passover Seder at my Uncle Mort's home in Playa del Rey. There were 15 of us in attendance, family and friends. This is a fun-loving and politically apt group, so I brought along copies of Craig Buck's "Ina Gada Haggadah" for our service. This irreverent Haggadah is brief and tells the story of Moses in a contemporary manner. Craig is a Bloom Family friend...were your ears tingling last night, Craig? We were all talking about you! Everyone enjoyed this version.

The tables were set beautifully. We each had our own name cards, appropriately decorated. Dinner was divine.
The requisite gefilte fish, charoses, matzoh ball soup were served, in addition to green salad, fresh green beans w/almonds, asparagus, roast chicken, positively yummy brisket and potato kugel.

Jim and Hal. In the background, Rob, Carol and Elie

For desert, we had macaroons, non-Kosher mini cream puffs and Cousin Benji made these delectable giant strawberries, stuffed with cheesecake! I'm totally making this recipe!!

Uncle Mort and Cousin Amie
Larry and Jim. James in the background

I brought some jars of Philippe's Hot Mustard for party favors. Yummmm, Note to Self...this might be good with the gefilte fish next year in addition to horseradish!

After dinner we lolled around the living room for awhile before rolling our stuffed selves home.
Thanks, Uncle Mort for making the grand effort for this wonderful celebration of freedom!

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At 8:19 PM PDT, Blogger Carol Bloom said...

your the greatest - El... it was such a pleasure and I was glad we stuck a quick version of the plagues back in before digging into the main meal! Thanks craig for the inspiring up to date hagaddah - love, cousin Carol


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