Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yarn Bomb Day

San Vicente Blvd., Carthay Circle, Los Angeles

In addition to being World Wide Stitch in Public Day on June 9th, it was also International Yarn Bomb Day. Yarn Bombing is when guerrilla knitters and crocheters add bits of yarniness to public places. We even have a yarn-bombing group right here in Los Angeles! They meet the third Saturday of every month at the Craft and Folk Art Museum on the Miracle Mile.
I didn't participate in any bomb events this past Saturday, but I did happen to spy a result on my way to breakfast on Sunday morning. The bronze statue of the Carthay Circle Miner had an adorable kitty-ear hat on his huge head!! The Miner has quite a history. He's located on San Vicente, right across from where the historic Carthay Circle Theater used to stand.

My friend, Gale participated in a yarn bombing event in New Haven, Connecticut. You can read about it here and view a few of Gale's faboo photographs.
Here are some of my 2012 fave yarn bombs from around the world, found on Ravelry:

Downtown Oak Harbor, Washington by KnittEngineer
Wels, Australia by extremhaeklerin
Oregon, Post Hats by everwonder"Urbanization of the Irish Countryside" by Irene Lundgaard
(my personal favorite)

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At 2:51 PM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

My am I not surprised by your personal favorite? Could it be the granny squares?

At 8:24 AM PDT, Blogger Patricia said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post, Ellen. I am going to have to keep my eyes open for yarn bombing. It is kind of like watching for Guerrilla Gardening...sneaks up on you, oops a surprise...and leaves you smiling and feeling a little happier. The world can benefit from that!


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