Thursday, May 31, 2012


During the month of May I participated in a Photo-A-Day-May 2012 challenge, organized by FatMumSlim.  Many of my friends participated too.  It was fun to see what they posted. Everyday there was a different photo prompt.  There are a few flickr groups to find everyone else's photos, or you can just search #photoadaymay.  There's also a group for Photo A Day 2012 on flickr.  
It was fun, at first, but then the prompts got tedious.  I kept up with the assignments, but I'm glad that May is over.  Oh, the pressure to produce!!
Here's a link to my entire Phot0-A-Day-May 2012 album.  I did manage to take a few shots that I like and will use again.  Below are a few of my faves:
Day # 6.  Me.  In Larry's Used Car Lot

Day #9.  Something I Do Everyday.  Hug My Honey
Day #13.  Mom.  Holding a Photo of her Mom
Day #16.  What I'm Reading
Day #17.  Snack
Day #25.  Unusual


At 4:49 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I"m glad it's over too! Did you see there's a June list already?! No thanks. Although I really did like that I had to think about what picture I was going to take and post. You took some great shots!

At 6:08 AM PDT, Anonymous Jan Stout said...

What a fun idea! Your blog is great, friend. It's like a day with Ellen in LA, always fun! I enjoyed so many, you're the best LA tour guide ever.


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