Thursday, May 24, 2012


Oooo...we're gearing up for this year's Summer Olympic Games in London.  On Ravelry, which is an online community for knitters and crocheters, we're gearing up for the Ravelympics!  Since these crafts are both quite sedentary, they are perfect for sitting and watching the Olympic Games on the telly.  
Here's how it works:  You peruse the categories for yarny excellence, choose a few as goals, then you line up the projects that you want to complete during the Games.  Once you've
decided on the projects you want to accomplish, you list them on your "projects" page on Ravelry and tag them with the category and the Ravelympics tag so others can search for your projects and watch your progress.  In my West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch Group, we have organized our own team, Team WeHoLaurie-Ann is our Captain.

Here are some of the events categories this year: 
afghan marathon afghans, blankets eventafghan
baby dressage baby items: anything baby eventbaby
bag-n-tote backstroke bags, totes, containers eventbag
balance beads beaded items eventbeads
cable steeplechase cables of all kinds eventcable
cast-on trap shoot cast on mania eventcaston
charity rowing items for charity eventcharity
colourwork crosscountry colourwork, fair-isle, eventcolourwork
cowl jump cowls, infinity scarves; things for neck joined in loop eventcowl
double-knit boxing double knit technique eventdoubleknit
felted freestyle all things made then felted eventfelted
frogging trampoline frogging projects eventfrog

I'd like to make something with the British flag on it or with the Olympic Rings.  I haven't decided.  Our Team Captain has suggested a few items:
Union Jack Slipover by Martin Storey (which I LOVE!)
Johnny Rotten Anarchy Mittens by Suzanne Stallard
British Flag Potholder by Anna Felder
 Make Do and Mend Pillow by Anna Elliott

I'd love to make that slipover vest for Larry in shades of grey. On the free pattern page, there are options to make a scarf, ladies' sweater, purse, etc. utilizing this same design. It's really stunning, but I think that's too ambitious of a project for a two-week window.
I do believe I'll use Anna Elliott's idea of the cushion...her color combos are dreamy, but I'll use Anna Felder's Brit Flag crocheted Potholder pattern for the flag portion of my cushion and crochet the other squares.
Here's the Ravelympics home page, if you're interested in joining!

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