Thursday, May 10, 2012

House Guests

 Jacquie and Bob

Oooooo....I'm so excited.  Later today, our good friends, Jacquie and Bob will arrive from Las Vegas to visit for a long weekend.  Jacquie grew up in L.A., but hasn't lived here in years.  Bob is from San Francisco and lived in L.A. many years ago.  Jacquie and Bob have very exotic lives.  They've lived in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Palm Springs; they've traveled all over the world and they're always planning their next trip.
Jacquie and I met while working at USC in the mid-1970's.  Later, we both got jobs at 20th Century Fox Studios.   After comparing notes when we first met, we found out that we were raised near each other on the Westside of L.A. and had many things in common.  We've been fast friends ever since.
Since we remodeled our home awhile back, we do have a guest room.  Of course, I'm constantly using this room as a hideout for my yarn and other hobbies.  I had to seriously de-clutter this room for Jacquie's and Bob's visit.  Don't look in my closet.

 The Pink Suite is Ready!

I looked up Martha Stewarts tips for house guests.  Hilarious.  The room is clean, the linens are clean.  The bathroom is private and clean.  That's it.  Sorry, Martha.  I'm not running a hotel, here!

 Our Kitchen has been improved since last year's visit

We always have a great time with Jacquie and Bob.  We have many field trips planned for their visit.  I will keep you informed of our whereabouts!

Last year's mini-field trip to historic Helms Bakery

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At 8:38 AM PDT, Blogger susanc said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Do you have any fun daytrips planned?


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