Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

Mom, Hal, Ellen, Jacquie and Bob

We've been running around like tourists in our own town this weekend!  Our good friends, Jacquie and Bob have been visiting.  On Sunday, we slowed down our pace and spent most of the day at home.  My Mom and her current husband, Hal came over for Mothers Day brunch.  
Mom hadn't seen the cosmetic improvements that Larry has made to our kitchen, so that was one of our activities.  We had a yummy brunch of bagels, lox and cream cheese with all the accoutrements.  Also included were deviled eggs, cold asparagus, mixed fruit salad, coffee cake and lemon bars.  We recently purchased an espresso machine, so everyone got wired up on strong coffee!
I was so glad that Jacquie and Bob could celebrate the event with us.  Mom was happy to see them too....she is quite fond of The Visitors from Vegas!
I made Mom a card with a photo of HER Mother (Grandma Freda) on it

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At 4:35 PM PDT, Anonymous Suze said...

"Current husband" . . . LOL.

At 4:47 PM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

That was going to be my comment too!!

At 6:33 PM PDT, Blogger Lynda said...

Your mom looks great!!

At 9:57 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Came across this blog on the's so cute!


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