Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

Last Friday I met my Mother and my Auntie for a special birthday lunch at Neiman-Marcus in Beverly Hills. We dined at Mariposa on the lower level. The dining room is lovely, with Calder tapestries hanging on the walls. There was a fashion show too. It was very reminiscent of the luncheons that my grandmother used to take me to at Bullock's when I was a little girl. In those days, it was required to wear white gloves and a party dress!

Mariposa @ Neiman-Marcus, Beverly Hills

When you sit down at your table for lunch at Mariposa, you are served a demi-tasse cup of chicken broth with a cheese twist, accompanied by a hot popover with butter and jam. Everything is so civilized here.

Aunt Mae and I both ordered the Shrimp Salad with Green Goddess dressing. Mom ordered the egg salad sandwich topped with caviar. We shared a simply divine chocolate lava dessert to top off my celebratory lunch.

Aunt Mae enjoying her chicken broth

LOVE dining at Neiman's. We did NOT do any serious shopping at Needless-Markup, however! LOL!

Roz, leaving Neiman's
Neiman-Marcus Department Store, Beverly Hills, 1979
Photo Courtesy of LA Library Archives

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At 1:43 PM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

How lovely! No photo of the chocolate dessert?

I too remember many luncheon/fashion shows at Bullock's. Looking forward to shopping at my local Target soon, soft opening today.

At 1:55 PM PDT, Blogger susanc said...

Reminds me almost of a different era ~ looks like fun! Love the alternative "name" you gave the store ~ I hadn't heard that one before! ;)

At 1:59 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

No photo of the chocolate dessert, Jo Anne. We scarfed it up too quickly! first husband's last name was actually Marcus. Believe me, I tried for a discount everytime I was inside Neiman-Marcus, saying that I was Mrs. Marcus. It never worked! Yes, Needless-Mark-up has become my name of choice for the store! LOL!


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