Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday - Happy B-Day Uncle Mort!

Uncle Mort, Hollywood, 1950. With his portrait, painted as a young music student

Yesterday was my Uncle Mort's 95th birthday! Wow! A few friends and family gathered at Mort's house in Playa del Rey for a b-day barbecue and birthday cake. It was a grand celebration with lots of laughter and great stories.

Uncle Mort, 2010, modeling one of my crocheted doilies

Mort is the oldest of three brothers, my Dad, George was the middle brother and Uncle Hi was the baby. Both George and Hi are gone now, so Uncle Mort holds the key to all Bloom-related stories. Luckily, all brothers have passed down much family lore to their children. I rely on my cousins and brother to fill me in on various aspects of the Bloom family history that I may have missed along the way. Together, we are a font of hysterical and historical knowledge.

George, Hi and Mort @ Bloom Family Picnic, Los Angeles, 1993

Thanks for the ongoing stories and memories, Uncle Mort! Happy Birthday!

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