Friday, September 28, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday

September 12, 1929.  Groundbreaking ceremonies for the construction of Sepulveda Boulevard.  The 4-lane precursor to the 405 opened in 1935 and was hailed in the L.A. Times as a "new and wondrous highway" over the mountains, vastly superior to the overcrowded Cahuenga Pass and Laurel Canyon.
 All photos posted by Scott Harris on the L.A. Times Photography Site

The 405 expansion project otherwise known as "Carmageddon 2" begins today with ramp closures starting at 7 p.m. and lane closures starting at 10 p.m. By midnight, the I-405 freeway will be completely closed between the I-10 and U.S. 101 until Monday at 6 a.m., cutting off the biggest North-South artery in the city for 53 hours.
February 29, 1960.  The northern portion of the construction zone of the 405 Freeway through the Santa Monica Mountains.  Published reports at the time highlighted the size of the project:  18 million cubic yards of earth were removed.
Carmageddon 1, last year wasn't so terrible.  Everyone stayed in their neighborhoods and only traveled when absolutely necessary during the weekend.  Hopefully, this weekend will be a repeat of last year....less air pollution and a very calm weekend.  Have a great one!

February 8, 1961.  Giant earth-mover rumbles down path of what will be the right-of-way of the San Diego Freeway (Interstate 405).  The Mulholland Drive bridge, opened in 1960, sits in background.  Sepulveda Boulevard runs through photo, but will be relocated.  Once built, I-405 will be 90 fee below the bridge.

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