Monday, December 17, 2012

Ukulele Orchestra

The Music Center Sparkles in the Rain
I had a unique experience on Friday night.  I met up with Mary Jo and Brit and we participated in the Music Center's Ukulele Christmas Orchestra.  It was a rainy night. Thankfully,  this event was moved from Grand Park to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  We received our music via e-mail one day in advance.  There were about 200 ukulele players in attendance!

We ran into many friends from the Pluckin' Strummers Uke Group.  It was awesome to strum tunes with so many other ukesters!

Dig those crazy elf ears!
The ukulele teacher/leaders for the orchestra were Daniel Ho and Jason Arimoto.   They were both so talented and excellent teachers.  I was surprised to also see a stand-up bass player and drummer (my old friend, James Cruce) to accompany us! 
Daniel Ho - Center and Jason Arimoto - Right
Drummer, James Cruce

It was a really fun evening.  Many of the songs had some difficult chord changes, so I just sang during those parts.  Especially, Mel Torme's "Christmas Song," which is one of my faves!  I must practice this one for next year.

Mary Jo and Brit
 We played for about 2 hours.  Afterwards, the ladies and I went downstairs for a late supper at Kendall's Brasserie.  Everything was divine, including dessert!
Our knit buddy, Shannita recorded a bit of "Feliz Navidad" from the mezzanine of the Chandler!  Thanks, Shannita!

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At 12:54 PM PST, Blogger PiscesCafe said...

OOh, so sad that I didn't go. I flaked as they sent the "no guests" advisory. And since I only know 3 chords, I was totally intimadted by the chord chart! LOL I will have to do lots of practicing for the next such event!

Christine G

At 12:55 PM PST, Blogger PiscesCafe said...

OK, yes, I meant to say "intimidated"... I'll practice my typing too.

At 2:12 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

I KNOW! I was bummed by the "no guest" advisory too! Our guests totally could have crashed this event!

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! That's how you make it to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion!!


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