Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Last night Larry and I wanted to eat out....something simple and quick....close to home with easy parking.  Traditional coffee shop food is always comforting and delicious on a cold night.  We would usually drive down to Pann's for this experience.  HOWEVER, we did not want to fight crunch-time traffic.  Pann's is about 4+ miles from our house.  Norm's on La Cienega just south of Melrose is about 2-1/2 miles from home.  The decision was made.

The decor is updated but still reminiscent of the original 50's design

We arrived at Norm's Restaurant at about 6:30 pm.  The gleaming and flashing sign pointed our way to the spacious parking lot.  Once we were seated and looked over the 4 different menus that our host gave us, we had made our dining choices.  I had the Cobb Salad.  Larry had the Roast Turkey Entree.  My Cobb Salad was very large and was chock full of the requisite ingredients.  I had it tossed with Italian dressing instead of the usual bleu cheese.  Delicious.  Larry's Roast Turkey dinner came with a dinner salad AND soup.  He chose the lentil soup...divine.  Larry's entree contained turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy and a zucchini melange.  Everything was fresh, hot and tasty.  The servings were so large for both of our dinners, that we took home lunch for the next day.  We left Norm's around 7:30.  In and out in one hour!

Yes, Norm's will be on my regular roster of restaurants from now on.
Uh oh.  I may be turning into my grandmother.

Norm's Restaurant, 470 North La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, 90048, (310) 657-8333,
designed by the architectural firm of Armet & Davis (1957)

"Norm's, La Cienega, on Fire," by Ed Ruscha, oil on canvas
64 1/4 H x 124 1/2 W (inches), 1964

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At 4:07 PM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

haha I love the turning into your grandmother part.
You can't beat a good diner/coffee shop when the mood calls.

At 9:02 PM PST, Blogger Anna Braun said...

Someone is trying to tear down (I believe) this Norm's. The First. A movement has stopped it till it can be declared an Historical site. Hope they make it!!!


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