Monday, May 06, 2013

Taco Taste Test

Larry @ Leo's Taco Truck, Venice & La Brea
For our big Saturday date Larry and I decided to test the 3 taco trucks closest to our home.  There are always lines at these trucks, so we figured they must be good.  We are nowhere near the taco experts that Bandini of The Great Taco Hunt is, but we wanted to do our own taste tests. 

We ordered the same tacos at each truck, 2 tacos al pastor.  This is pork, roasted on a ever-spinning spit, the same method for roasting lamb in Middle-Eastern restaurants.  We wanted to check out the condiments and salsa selection at each truck too.

We started our journey at Leo's Taco Truck in a gas station lot on the north/west corner of La Brea Ave. and Venice Blvd.  There is ALWAYS a line at this truck at all times of the day and night.  Leo's is known for their al pastor tacos with pineapple.  We ordered 2 to go.  We received guacamole sauce, red sauce, onions and cilantro.  Check out the 99-Cent Chef's video of Leo's Tacos!
Leo's Tacos Al Pastor with Pineapple
We took our to-go bag across the street to the El Gallito truck.  This is the north/east corner of La Brea Ave. and Venice Blvd.  El Gallito has a covered table area on their lot.  This was good...we could sample our Leo's and Gallito tacos while sitting down.  We also ordered soda at El Gallito.  The array of salsas and condiments was impressive.  There was also a hot pot of bubbling pinto beans available.  The tacos were served with a yummy boiled onion.

El Gallito's Tacos Al Pastor

For our third stop, we wanted to try the truck on the south side of Olympic Blvd. @ Redondo called El Chato.  The truck was not in sight.  I guess they don't set up for the dinner crowd.  This is a late-night stop.  Soooooo, we zoomed south on Redondo to Washington Blvd. to check out Beto's Tacos in the parking lot of the Redondo Liquor Store.  
Redondo Liquor Store
This is a good location, plenty of parking AND you can pick up an adult beverage at the liquor store if you're so inclined.   The choice of salsas, etc. was good, but the al pastor tacos at Beto's were a bit too spicy for us Viejos.
Beto's Tacos Al Pastor
Fine Dining on the Hood of my Car
Larry and I each had 3 tacos, along with condiments, very fresh tortillas and a soft drink each.  The total for dinner, with tips, was $9.50!  My personal favorite....El Gallito! I love Los Angeles.

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At 7:30 PM PDT, Blogger Sarah said...

Yep, El Chato doesn't open it's doors until 9 pm each night. That's the only one I've tried in the 'hood because it's just right around the corner! One of these days I'll make it to the corner of Venice and La Brea to compare.


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