Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recent Faves

Since my knitting seminar last weekend with Sally Melville, I've been obsessed with yarny pursuits.  More so than usual, if that's possible.  I own four of Sally's books and have been perusing her patterns.  I've been scouring the Patterns Section on Ravelry, taking in new designs.  Whether or not I'll actually knit and/or crochet everything I place in my Favorites List doesn't matter.  I just have to tag EVERYTHING I see!  I'm not only a yarn-a-holic, I'm a pattern-a-holic too!
Here are a few of my latest faves:

Sally Melville's "Step Dance Shawl" in Liberty self-striping yarn
Sally's "Step Dance" in variegated yarn
Lion Brand's "Mitered Shawl" in "Amazing" yarn

Red Heart's "Shore Thing" scarf

The "Shore Thing" scarf is a Crochet-a-Long project for our El Segundo Guild this fall.  I like it.  I might make it wider in a solid color....more like a shawl.  It's just a basic crochet ripple pattern, alternating solid and lacy rows.
"Winter Turban"

The "Renewed Dickey"

For the present, I've been revisiting my WIP'd sweaters that have been languishing in tote bags around the house.  After learning a few tips and tricks from Sally's classes, I'm inspired to finish everything before starting one of these new projects! 

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