Monday, September 23, 2013

Surrounded by Inspiration

Laura's Crochet Motif Vest
I have too much yarn, too many things to crochet and/or knit, too many friends who make beautiful yarny things!!!
Saturday, I attended our monthly El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Knitting Guild meeting.  I'm always WOWED by the beautiful garments that the members are wearing.  I cannot stop clicking away!  One of my favorite things about this group is that the members are all ages and come from all walks of life.  Their yarny works exemplify this diversity!

Patricia's Knit Sweater
Ana's Multi-Shawl
Elle and Myra wearing their beautiful creations
Queen Ana's Crown
We had a silent auction of crochet and knitting instruction books and magazines on Saturday.  I came away with a few excellent ones!

To top off a perfect yarny morning, I spied this divine vanity license plate in the parking lot!

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