Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Breaking the Fast

The Golf Course at Hillcrest Country Club
Oh Boy!  Did we ever break the fast in a big way!  My Auntie Mae invited the family to Hillcrest Country Club at the end of Yom Kippur.  Hillcrest just completed a remodel and the interior and grounds look beautiful.  We took a quick scroll near the first tee before dinner.
Phil and Larry
The Dining Room is Ready for Guests
The Feast is About to Be Served
Traditionally, my Grandfather, Sam Katz, would celebrate his birthday during our break the fast dinner.  We've always had a family party commemorating these two events. The tradition continues!
Hal, Roz, Mae and Julia
John, Larry, Phil, Mike and Lauren
Julia, Karen and Doug
Roz, Mae and Julia
Marilyn, Ellen and Carolyn.  Photo by  Cousin Janet

We had a wonderful time, talking, eating, laughing.  
Front Row: Roz, Mae, Phil, Marilyn.  Back Row: Hal, Julia, Doug, Ellen, Larry, Carolyn, John, Karen, Janet, Lauren, Mike

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