Monday, October 07, 2013

Double Belated B-Day

Cape Code Cocktail

On Saturday, my Sometimes Sunday/Saturday Yarny Girls treated Beth and me to a belated b-day celebration and lunch.  My birthday was in July and Beth's was in September.  I kinda' wanted to forget about the whole thing this year, but the Yarny Girls wouldn't let me!  We had a FABULOUS lunch with drinks at Chosun Galbee in Koreatown.  We'd dined there a couple of years ago for Lori's b-day  so it was time for repeat visit.
Mostly, we like taking pictures of ourselves!

Ellen, Natalie and Beth
Lori, Natalie and Beth
Julie, Beth and Carol
We were shown to a private dining room so we could really make some noise and carry on without annoying the rest of the patrons!  Our lovely waitress brought tons of delectable little dishes and a yummy green salad for us to enjoy.
Then the REAL fun began when she started hurling Galbi beef, marinated pork, chicken and very fresh shrimp, along with onions and mushrooms onto the buttered grill.

Lunch was positively divine.  I can't wait to go back!
The adorable Lori hosted us at her home after lunch for cake, presents and yarny pursuits.  
Better than Christmas!
Art Frystack and Carrot Cake

Lori bought the triple-layer carrot cake from Susina Bakery!  OMG!  It was amazing.   Of course, all of the presents were wonderful.  Better yet, was spending time with my girlfriends!

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At 5:31 AM PDT, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

What a perfect celebration. I'm reading this at the breakfast table but really want some Korean food right now.
Ps love that top photo of the three of you!

At 7:07 AM PDT, Blogger John Reynolds said...

wow what a great time I just had...we have to know each other because i lived on the other side of the tracks off of Jefferson and Hauser on Homeside Ave. I went to Alexander Hamilton High and graduated in 1966...I thought the Village Green was destroyed by the Baldwin Hills Damn disaster...I now live in Covington La and have for the past 33 years...i do not believe in coincidence...this was meant to be...nice to know you and I really enjoyed some of my past that I am so sorry is gone now...Sears is gone? my mom worked there in the 1950's...oh well they call that progress I guess...JOHN


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