Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter ScrubbieLand Swap

Ellen's 2012 Scrubbies
It's scrubbie time!  I'm in three yarny swaps during the year, the Potholder Swap, the Dishcloth Swap and the Scrubbie Swap.  All are made from cotton and take minimal yarn and time.  The Winter ScrubbieLand Swap is upon us.  The due date for 3 scubbies is December 2, 2013.  The scrubbies or Tawashi have to be between 3-5" in size.  A holiday color theme is optional.  Anyone can join!
Last year I crocheted a tiny version of my favorite potholder (photo above).  The year before, I designed a nubby scrubbie with a handle!
2012 Entry, the Tidy-Scrub
I've made a few samples, but I haven't quite decided on my final scrubbie.  Samples make fine hostess gifts!  This year, in addition to using 100% cotton for our scrubbies, we're allowed to use nylon netting.  Nylon netting is amazing for scrubbing the toughest dirt in your kitchen.  The netting really cuts through the grease and grime.  I purchased a bit of netting last Saturday.  I'm still experimenting with it.
Here are a few of my favorite scrubbies:
Knitted Dish Scrubbie.  I'd use nylon netting for this one!
Peppermint Tawashi.  Soooooo cute!
Tawashi Scrubber.  My current fave.
Koinobori Tawashi Fish!
classic Spiral scrubbie
Oh!  So many decisions to make.  I'd better hurry up and just get those scrubbies done!  After I send in my three scrubbies that are the same pattern, I'll receive three totally different scrubbies made by one of our talented fiber artists on Ravelry!  Can't wait!

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