Friday, February 14, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday - Valentine's Day

Today, my vintage photo is only 22 years old.  I usually post waaaaay older photos on Friday, but I've decided to be sentimental and sappy today.  This is a photo from our backyard wedding reception in 1992.  Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet Larry!
Larry and I met at Jazz Fest in Louisiana in 1990.  When we got married in '92 we decided to have a New Orleans-style theme for our reception.  We hired the Zydeco Party Band and had a yummy Cajun feast for dinner!  A KTLA show that I was working on ("The Late Mr. Pete" Show) was cancelled, so I rescued the hand-painted set and had it installed in our backyard!  Since the Zydeco Party Band was the band on the show, the set was a perfect backdrop to use as a stage for our reception.   It was a grand party and we've been celebrating for the last 22 years!
Another tradition we've carried on for 21 years is we create original Valentine cards for each other on this day.  Here are our cards for 2014:

Click on picture to embiggen

We both employed sci-fi, crazy-eyes "mind-control" this year.  Check out those mesmerizing eyes on Honey Bear!  Hmmmm?  What could that mean?
Happy Valentine's Day, My Sweet!

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