Thursday, February 13, 2014

WeHo Woo Hoo!!!

2010 WeHo V-Day Swap

Tonight is our 5th Annual WeHo SnB Valentine's Swap!  WOO HOO!  This is our weekly stitchin' group that meets at the Original Farmers Market.  For the past four years, our Cruise Director, Ms. Natalie has organized this love-fest / celebration of knitting and/or crochet.  I know who I'm creating a gift for, but I do not know who is creating one for me.  Ooooo, so much mystery!
2011 WeHo V-Day Swap

When we sign up with Natalie for the Swap, we have to tell her if we'd like a hat, scarf or cowl.  Then, we have to let her know if we have any yarny / fiber allergies.  THEN, we can elect to tell her our favorite color family.  The default colors are red and pink in honor of Valentine's Day.  Of course, we are encouraged to add small bonus gifts along with our yarny goodness for our swap partner.  In years past, I've received a multitude of extras!!!  Also, many of us bring Valentine treats to share.   
2012 WeHo V-Day Swap

2012 WeHo V-Day Swap
2013 WeHo V-Day Swap

It is the MOST fun event other than our Halloween Stitch 'n Witch that we have ALL year!
Today at my office we had a Valentine auction with all proceeds benefiting the American Heart Association.  I bid on and WON a beautiful lemon cake baked by none other than the lady in charge of our H.R. Dept.  Thank you, Shirley, for your fabulous cake donation to my WeHo Valentine's Day Swap Partay!!!
V-Day Swap Cake 2014
Thank you, Ms. Natalie for being such a sweetie darling Cruise Director!

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