Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Small Projects

It's hot.  I don't want to have a heavy, yarny project sitting in my lap!  This muggy weather we're having in Los Angeles right now is NOT conducive to knitting and/or crocheting anything of size.  I still NEED to crochet and knit however.  Solution:  Make dish cloths.  They're cotton, they're small, they're lightweight.  I do love giving friends dish cloths and tawashi, paired with fancy soap for gifts.  So, even though I just finished making five dish cloths for our annual Ravelry swap, I'm still obsessed with dish cloths and potholders!
Here are a few great dish cloth patterns for YOU to try:

Kitchen Lovelies

Grit Stitch Dish Cloth

Super Simple Tawashi Flower

Crochet Rooster

Squares Dishcloth #8

2-Hearts Coaster

Click on each caption to find a link to the patterns.

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