Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Totes Adorbs!

It takes very little to make me happy:  A pretty color yarn, a good hair day, a new Trader Joe's tote bag!!!!

I was very excited when I received a regional TJ's bag from my friend, Carla in Texas.  It seems TJ's has issued a few more state bags.  I have the Southern California bag.  My friend Shayne is visiting her brother in Northern California and picked me up a NoCal bag.
Southern California
Northern California

I did a mini-search online and have found out that there are totes for various locations:  New York, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts, Arizona and probably more.  I hear that a New Mexico bag is on it's way.  Sorry for the poor photo quality of the other bags, I had to swipe them from the net.

But wait, I found this bag online too!!!!  Oh no, I cannot handle the excitement.  Trader Joe's has issued a USC tote bag too?  Where can I get one?

Fight On!

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