Friday, July 25, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday

1940, Wilshire and San Vicente, L.A., Dick Whittington Studio, USC Photo Collection

I wish Van de Kamp's was still on the corner of Wilshire and San Vicente!  Here are a few vintage photos of the corner, on the eastern edge of Beverly Hills.
1967, Wilshire and San Vicente, VLA Digital Collection

I vaguely remember this particular Van de Kamp's (it was a chain restaurant), but I REALLY remember the Van de Kamp's located at Masselin Avenue, a bit further east on Wilshire Boulevard on the Miracle Mile.  We used to eat there often after shopping trips to May Company and Ohrbach's.
In the mid-1970's my ex-husband used to take his dinner break from his job as tennis court manager at La Cienega Park at Dick Webster's Coffee Shop, this branch, located on this very spot, Wilshire and San Vicente. 
Today, there's a Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf at one end of the complex and a bar/restaurant at the other end, with little shops in-between.  The footprint of this building is basically the same.
2014, Wilshire and San Vicente, Google Maps Capture

We need more coffee shop/restaurants on Wilshire Boulevard!!!

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