Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The selection of frames is unending!

I tried to resist, but I just could not hold myself back!  After hitting a book signing and art show on Melrose Friday night we sidled down the block to the L.A. Eyeworks eyeglass frames sale.  Really, I have more than enough eyeglass frames in my possession.  About four of my frames have my current prescription.  I should have some of my older frames upgraded so I can see through them.  However, I felt that I "needed" a new pair of black frames in my collection.  I already have a few pairs of black glasses, but none of them are REALLY comfortable to wear all day.  I was on the search for a pair of GRANDMA GLASSES!

NOT my grandma, but I LOVE those glasses!

Larry assisted me in trying on glasses.  He's an expert.  Besides being an art school graduate, he has an excellent sense of proportion and has been wearing glasses himself since he was a child.  He knows all about bridge width, temple size, etc.

4-Eyed Larry, around 7 years of age

I tried on a number of black, silver and marbled frames.

We were at L.A. Eyeworks around dinnertime....the best time to shop.  There were plenty of people to help!

I found my PERFECT pair of Grandma Glasses after looking at everything.  Sunday, I took them to the optician to have the glasses made.  Hopefully, I'll be able to show you my selection next week!
Co-Owner, Gai Gherardi, behind the counter

See the "Googly Eyes" on the roof?

L.A. Eyeworks likes to make artistic statements, inside and out!

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