Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Classy Knits - Bakersfield, CA

OK.  OK.  I know I've talked about Bakersfield a lot lately, but we really had a good time there.  We found some hidden gems in that dusty town.  One of the high-points was my trip to Classy Knits & Yarns LYS.

Noel and Katie @ Classy Knits & Yarns

I'm friends with Suzanne ("KnittingSuzanne" on Ravelry).  We became friends through admiring each other's projects on Ravelry.  We finally had a chance to meet at Stitches West a couple of years ago.  When I knew we were traveling to B-field, I contacted Suzanne, told her we were staying downtown and asked if there were any good yarn shops nearby.  Suzanne immediately told me about Classy Knits.

I walked into the shop and immediately felt at home.  I was sorry that the shop owner, Judy (a friend of Suzanne's) wasn't there that day, but Noel and Katie were fun to talk with and very knowledgeable about yarn and the City.
I did a bit of shopping and then sat down to stitch 'n bitch with the ladies while Larry was record shopping.  Classy Knits carries EVERYTHING.  Big bonus, everything in the store was 30% off!  Woo Hoo!  I even found the shelves way in the back where all of the yarn selections were 40% off!  I love it when a shop discounts ALL of the yarn, not just the stragglers.
30% off, Sport Weight Cascade Super Wash for the Tannenbaum Lace Scarf

30% off, beautiful locally dyed yarn (Fresno)

40% off, Versa by Berroco, cotton blend tape

Noel and Katie gave us some good tips on where to eat in downtown Bakersfield.  We also discussed different patterns and yarn choices.  Noel was working on some beautiful crocheted hand-warmers.  She is teaching a class soon on how to make this pattern.  Katie was finishing a mobius cowl for a customer.  She also showed me this darling cotton coaster made from an afghan square pattern.  

Picture Frame Afghan Square modified for a cotton coaster

I wish I lived closer to Classy Knits so I could take the coaster class!  Thanks for a lovely afternoon, ladies!

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