Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Final Frontier

On Saturday at my El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Guild meeting, I was enlisted as substitute photographer to document the "Show & Share" portion of our meeting.  This is when Guild members get up and show off their latest knit and/or crochet project to the group.  They usually talk about the project detailing the name of the pattern, the type of yarn they used, etc.  I take a photo of each member and their creation for our website.  
Angela's Starfleet Insignia Shawl Pin

Sometimes the Show & Share item is not yarny at all.  My friend Angela (an excellent designer) showed a very clever shawl pin she had purchased made out of copper into the "Star Trek" starfleet insignia.  Even though the original "Star Trek" TV series (1966-69) only ran for three seasons, it is constantly in reruns around the world.  When I channel surf and see an episode running, I always stop and watch it even though I may have seen all episodes dozens of times. 
Seeing Angela's shawl pin made me want to create outer space items!  Here are a few that I found on Ravelry!
Alien LGM from "Toy Story"

Toy Rocket Ship

Robot with Third Arm

Monstrik the Alien

Ships of "Star Trek" Hat

UFO, Flying Saucer
(click on links above to find patterns)

The Flying Saucer, above is my personal favorite, especially in fuzzy yarn!  Those flying saucers ALWAYS look fuzzy when you see them up in the sky.  Right?

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