Friday, October 24, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday with My 4-Eyed Friends

This is it.  The big weekend.  L.A. Eyeworks is holding it's annual sale.  Larry and I have been going to this sale for at least 10 years, since the advent of digital photography.  It's most convenient to have a digi-camera or phone with you at these sales.  There's always a mad rush for mirror space to see yourself in possible frames.  However, when I look in the mirror I usually cannot see what I look like, because I NEED my real glasses to see!  Argh!  Larry takes a digi-pic of me in the new frames.  Then, I can put my prescription eyeglasses back on and view the photo to see if I like how I look.  We come away with lots of crazy photos.  Larry  has even helped strangers in the store by taking pix of them.  We've made many new friends this way.
2010 with Owner Gai, Ron (RIP) and Tetsuji

I own sooooo many eyeglass frames, that I really should NOT go to the sale and be tempted.  We'll see if I can sit out the weekend.
In accordance with the "rules" of Vintage Photo Friday, here are a few pix from some years ago, trying on eyeglass frames. 
2009.  Trying to go green.  Nope.

2009.  Natalie and Joe look like movie stars!

Last year's frames are very popular.  2013.  Ellen and Ruth.

1978.  Mr. Larry is Mr. Eyeglass

2005.  Waiting in the hot October sun to get inside.

2009.  Ellen and Natalie of Hollywood
If I do pop over to the sale this weekend, it will be spur o' the moment, probably close to dinner time to avoid the crowds.  The L.A. Eyeworks staff keeps bringing boxes and boxes of frames from the back room all weekend long.  

I want to look like a movie star too!

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