Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fabric Shopping

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We've been searching for just the right fabric for our teak dining room chairs.  Thanks to my high school friend, Laurie, we've "inherited" six of her Mother's Danish Modern chairs.  The chairs were covered in a needlepoint design, a bit worn.  The cushion on each chair had been flattened after years of use.  Time to reupholster and recover!
We have a black, white and gray theme going now in our living and dining rooms.  We used to have lots of brown and gold tones.  I thought it was funny, going through the upholstery fabric shops that most of the selections were in the brownish tones.  It wasn't easy to find something good-looking in non-colors!
Seen in the manufacturer's photo above, these chairs were traditionally covered in a plain fabric or leather.  I thought that a woven tweed would look modern.  We drove over to Diamond Foam and Fabric on La Brea and looked around.

Diamond Fabrics is huge!

I like both of these tweedy fabrics.  Very practical.

We took a few samples with us then drove across town to F & S Fabrics on Pico Boulevard.  F& S also has a super-huge selection.  Lots of "fun" fabrics too. 

Graffitti Fabric!

Between Diamond and F & S, we came away with lots of excellent samples.  

Possible Upholstery Choices

Larry is having foam cushions cut at The Foam Mart on Sepulveda in Culver City.   He also found a reasonable upholsterer in our neighborhood.  It's all coming together!
We've decided to go kinda' kicky with this dotty fabric (below).  The little circles go with the rounded edges of the Danish chairs.  We'll be using it on the side with the dark background for the chairs.  I love that this fabric is reversible!  I will have extra fabric for couch pillows, using the light background.  Excited.

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