Thursday, November 06, 2014

BoHo Blocks Cardigan

BoHo Blocks Cardigan

It took me awhile, but I FINALLY finished my BoHo Blocks Cardigan!  I used Noro Taiyo Sock Yarn and a size "C" crochet hook.  This is an Interweave Crochet pattern from 2006.  Yes, I've wanted to make this sweater for 8 years!

I do love the colorway of this yarn, #23Mr. Noro is a genius (photo at left).  Each square is a little work of art.  The long color runs in Noro yarn make for very interesting motifs.
I still need to find the perfect buttons for this cardigan.  Don't judge me, because I will probably be wearing this sweater EVERY day during autumn!

It is easier for me to make a sweater with motifs.  I didn't have to carry around a big hunk o' sweater as I progressed.  Also, because this cardigan is modular, I could try it on and figure out how to make it bigger in certain places just by adding more motifs.  I think this pattern would look great in a solid yarn too.  The weight of the yarn (light) makes this a very comfortable sweater to wear year-round.

Looks even better on my chair!

Side Detail

Shoulder and Sleeve

In the beginning...

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At 1:45 PM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Beautiful! Applause! I hope I get to see it in person. It is true that it'd be great in solid,like a nice natural gray, but it'd be hard to force myself to do that.

At 2:00 PM PST, Blogger ES said...

Love it!!!

At 7:35 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh...My....Gosh!! That is STUNNING!!! It looks great on you, the chair (of which I think we have the same chair in our office, hehe), every where! Love it Ellen it is very nice, and looks wonderful on you. Good work!

At 5:39 AM PST, Blogger inkberryblue said...

It looks gorgeous. Congratulations!

At 7:28 AM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the compliments, my friends!


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