Wednesday, December 31, 2014

MEGA Knits

38 degrees in Los Angeles??

It's COLD in Los Angeles!  I almost broke out my Mom's old mink coat last night, but it was raining. Yes, I know the cute little mink animal must have gone out in the rain, but I didn't want to risk a skunky-smelling coat.  Also, so many of my friends are animal lovers and do not condone the wearing of mink, that I might have come home with red paint all over this vintage creation.  I braved the cold and rain by running from the car to the house with an umbrella perched over my hair-do.
It's still cold this morning.  This got me to thinkin'.  I have tons of vintage knit patterns lining my bookshelves.  I've been collecting these old pattern books since I started knitting as a little girl, way back in the 1960's.  I've been rummaging through my books and have come up with some fabulous chunky knits to whip up for this cold snap.  Behold:

Fat yarn, large needles...these sweaters are quick and jiffy to work up!  The only problem with these chunky and bulky knits is that I'm rather chunky and bulky myself.  These types of sweaters just add to that bulky Babushka-lady look of my ancestors.  Oh well...who am I to go against my Russian roots! 
These MEGA knits are coming around again in fashion circles.  Take a look at some recent runway favorites:

Please note that these high-fashion MEGA knits are shown on clothes-hanger skinny models.  
Eh!  Who cares!  I'm freezing.  I'm gonna whip out my size 13 needles and double up some yarn and knit a SUPER-CARDI this weekend!
Happy New Year, my friends.  I'll be here at Chez Bloom Underhill under a pile o' yarn!

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