Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last Minute Swap

2014 Winterland Scrubbies

Welllll, this really wasn't a LAST minute swap.  I've known about it for awhile.  The "Winterland Scrubbie Swap" is an off-shoot of the "Annual Dishcloth Swap" on Ravelry.  The scrubbies are due on December 19th.  What is a scrubbie?  It's a small (3x3 or 5x5 inches across) 100% cotton dishcloth, used as a facial scrubbie or for tackling dirty pots and pans.  I prefer to use my scrubbies as mini SPA cloths.  These little pads are fabulous for removing make-up and leaving your face feeling really clean.  Paired with some fancy facial soap, this makes a lovely gift.

I whipped out a few last night.  Luckily, these are really quick to crochet.  I used a beverage coaster pattern that I've used in the past.  We are encouraged to use Chanukah or Christmas colors.  I happened to have some lime green, red and white cotton handy.
I like this short winter swap.  It's quick and fun.  I've participated in all of the past swaps.  Here are a few of my entries for past years:
The Tidy Scrub.  My own invention!
The "Scour Flower," using cotton netting for the centers.  These are definitely for pots and pans, not for cleaning your face!
Another one of my inventions is the Spa Soap Coat.  Add a bar of soap for sudsy, cotton delightfulness!
Spa Soap Coat
Need a quickie holiday gift?  All of the links to patterns are above.  Happy crocheting and happy holidays!

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