Monday, December 15, 2014

Orange Future

Saturday night, Larry and I zoomed up to Future Studio in Highland Park to see The Orange Show.  There was a book signing by author, David BoulĂ© and "The Orange and the Dream of California."  
David Boulé looking very snazzy in his orange sportcoat

Along with beautiful old Sunkist Orange packing crate labels, there was a mini-show of Cindy Olnick's and Tom Davies' orange art collection.  Many of the pieces were created by Tom.
Cindy's and Tom's Orange Art

Tom Davies

Cindy Olnick

There was even ORANGE FOOD and many orange artifacts!

I LOVED this show.  Orange just happens to be my favorite color too!

Gallery Owner, Amy Inouye with crocheted orange

Photographer, Larry Underhill

Future Studio Staff, Cathy Litz

Future Studio Gallery
5558 No. Figueroa Ave.
Highland Park, Los Angeles

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At 5:06 PM PST, Blogger janeray1940 said...

And the perfect soundtrack for the event would have been Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks' "Orange Crate Art" (also known as just about my favorite record ever). I love orange too!

At 5:11 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

You are correct, Marielle! There was music playing, but conversation was so lively I didn't hear it!


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