Friday, December 19, 2014

Par-tay! Vintage Photo Friday

Bubblehead Barbie, Midge and Ponytail Barbie at the office party.  Looks like Ken had a few too many.  Check out his gigantic zipper!  Over-compensating?

I've posted these photos before, but they are soooo wonderful, that I must re-post!  Today is our office departmental holiday luncheon.  Our BIG office party was last Friday.  300 people at the Four Seasons Hotel on Doheny Dr.  It was quite luxe and fabulous.
Today, our department of around 80 people will be treated to lunch by the head of our department at Katsuya in Brentwood.  Lah-dee-dah!  We also participate in a Yankee Trader gift exchange.  We each have to buy a gift, valued at around $20, wrapped.  We are  given a number.  In order, we choose a gift.  If the person after you wants the previous gift, they can steal it.  Then the first person can choose someone else's gift or choose from the pile.  A gift may only be "traded" 3 times.  Most people bring good stuff, kitchen items, alcohol, candles, etc.  There are usually a few funny clunkers in the pile too.  One year one of the executives brought a super-sized package (36) rolls of toilet paper.  Hey!  That's a very practical gift!  Another year someone brought one of those "As Seen on TV" plastic microwave spaghetti cookers and strainers.  Oy!
All in all, it's a fun afternoon with a delicious lunch and lots of laughs!

L.A. City Traffic Engineer Office Xmas Party, early 1960's

My cousin Craig gave me some of our Great Aunt Luba's photos. In the archive was a notebook that Luba's co-workers compiled for her upon her retirement from the Los Angeles City Traffic Engineer's office in 1970. It's a treasure trove of photos from the late 1950's to 1970, including office Christmas parties.

Goldie, Trudy and Fern prepare the fixings for a yummy bologna holiday lunch.  L.A. City Traffic Engineer Office, early 1960's

Aunt Luba lived for almost 20 years after retirement. She traveled extensively and regaled her many nieces and nephews with stories of life in the Ukraine, Chicago and Hollywood, along with her travels. She was everyone's favorite Auntie.

Everyone's Favorite Auntie Luba
Have a wonderful pre-holiday weekend, my friends!

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At 12:44 PM PST, Blogger janeray1940 said...

Oddly enough this is the first year I've heard it called a Yankee Swap - and I'm seeing that term EVERYWHERE lately. I know of it as a White Elephant Party, and the folks at the last company I worked for knew how to do it right. The items were offbeat but usually really cool... and sometimes totally twisted, like the time a coworker unwrapped a Costco-sized box of enemas! Good times :)

At 6:10 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

To me, Marielle, a "white elephant" swap connotes icky presents...odd presents that no one will want. Most of our presents are good....liquor, fancy bowls, gift certificates, etc. The "Yankee Trader" part comes in because we can steal each other's gifts. There are rules. It's always fun.


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