Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yarny Umbrellas

Crochet Umbrella

Yarny umbrellas are useless in the rain.  Of course, you could call it a parasol to shield you from the sun.  However, a severely lacy parasol would not really shade you at all!  Oh well, laa-dee-dah.  They are rather pretty!  
It's finally raining a bit in Los Angeles.  Rain, I salute you by offering a few umbrellas patterns!  Click on the captions to be directed to the instructions on Ravelry.

April Showers
Wouldn't "April Showers" (above) look great on a sweater, interspersed with this umbrella motif below?
Umbrella Motif

Baby Chick with Umbrella
Banksy Rain Umbrella

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