Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Easy T-Giving

I do not have to cook for my humongous family's Thanksgiving feast. We've been eating out for the past few decades. It's delightful. I get to catch up with my cousins and enjoy a hearty, delicious meal. HOWEVER, if I were going to cook, these are a few of the items I might make. I'm all about classic, EASY recipes! CLICK ON PHOTOS TO SEE LARGER.
Make it right in the can! No clean-up!

Speaking about cans...


Oh yeah!  This one just slays me. We saw this at Otis Art Institute years ago. Here's what the card, above says, "Through the years, Americans have gotten used to the convenience of preparing Thanksgiving in 2 hours, then 30 minutes. Now you can cook a Thanksgiving meal in your own backyard--in just 5 seconds!
Simply place the contents of your meal into the containers -- seasonings and all.  Launch the rocket and take cover. The specially engineered nose cone of the rocket will trigger lightning and send an electrical charge down the copper wire to the lightning rod. Your meal will be ready in no time!
Gone are the days of toil and tears -- with Thanksgiving Dinner in 5 seconds, you no longer need to slave in front of a hot stove all day to show your family you care!"
"Thanksgiving Dinner in 5 Seconds"

That Old Stand-by

Forget about the turkey! Just have a drink!

The Perfect Dessert!

Barbie knows the secret. Plastic food!

Don't knock yourself out. Pace yourself. Enlist the help of others. This is one huge, important dinner. I know you can do it!

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At 5:22 AM PST, Blogger ken bloom said...

Hey Ell, Have a great time at the Thaksgiving gathering today. Ginny and I are having a VERY relaxed day, cooking, keeping the fireplace going, and plan on eating around five. I've been burning the candle at all four ends so today is for laying back and being thankful. No stress!!


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