Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

We usually celebrate the New Year in a very low-key manner. We do have plans, but nothing grandiose. Tickets have been purchased. Dinner is arranged. We will be stopping over at Rosina's and Nic's house (our neighbors) around 9-ish to toast to the New Year.  
In this busy City, we're lucky to live in this sweet throw-back neighborhood. In Wilshire Vista most everyone is friendly. We know many of the residents within this 11 block stretch from Hauser to Fairfax, San Vicente to Pico. We have a few community events throughout the year to meet new neighbors and renew contact with long-time neighbors. We watch out for each other and take pride in our community. In fact, our sign even says, "Wilshire Vista, A Community of Respect."

Happy New Year to my Wilshire Vista neighbors and all of my family and friends!

1927, Security Pacific National Bank Photo Collection

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Behold the Yarny Goodness!

Patti's Christmas Sweater

I came in contact with LOTS of beautiful yarn during the holidays. Some of it in finished project form, some of it nude and just waiting to be transformed!
Every month when I attend my El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Guild meeting, I see the most amazing pieces made by the members. I remembered to snap a few shots this past month.
Ana's Sheep Cowl

Karen's Slipped Stitch Pullover

Kim's Stripey Pullover
My friend, Suzette made me the MOST adorable Christmas tree ornament this year! It's a tiny sweater with matching mittens.  She even bent a red paper clip into the shape of a tiny hanger.  SO cute!
Suzette's Sweater and Mittens Ornament
Look! This beautiful ensemble fits my Barbie!
I was quite busy myself this season with yarny pursuits.  I made some Koigu Kitty ornaments (2 for Suzette, 1 for me). 
The Koigu Kitties

I crocheted an afghan for Mom.  She loves it.
Mom's Willow Square Afghan

I was VERY busy crocheting beards for me and all my friends.
I received some BEAUTIFUL new yarn!  I have not decided what to create with this yarny gorgeousness.  For now, it all looks great, sitting on my coffee table.

Orange Shibui Yarn from Natalie

Yarn from Finland and Lithuania from Mary Jo
Happy Yarny Holidays!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Between the Holidays. Field Trip!

Magic Lamp Inn

I love days like this. It's a Tuesday. We're on vacation. Larry and I decided to check out some places we've been driving by for years. We took a leisurely drive out to Upland, California and checked out the Penny Lane Record Shop. It's the last existing one. Penny Lane is located in an industrial building. It's small, but they have some great LPs and good prices.  

Check out the hardware on that front door!

Next stop, lunch at the Magic Lamp Inn on Foothill Boulevard in Rancho Cucamonga. This is a classic red-leather booth place, very clubby and comfortable. The interior is AMAZING. My favorite is the round fire place, surrounded by curved booths and woodsy tables.  

We had a lovely lunch.  Our appetizer, crab cake with remoulade sauce was divine.  Larry ordered a salad with white fish and I had chicken cordon bleu.  Everything was yummy and served beautifully.  The staff was busy setting up for their New Year's Eve party. It was very festive. 
Crab cake with remoulade sauce

The stained glass windows, heavy wood paneling and details are not to be missed in this 1955 treasure.

We're big roots music fans and neither of us had ever visited the Folk Music Center in Claremont.  Wow!  What a vibe!  Great place.  I wish we lived closer.  I'd be there ALL the time. 
Folk Music Center, Claremont

The wall o' ukuleles was very impressive. They had instruments from all over the world including a wonderful collection of Indian instruments. We met the owner, Ellen Chase-Verdries, who also happens to be the mother of musician, Ben Harper.  She was lovely and very knowledgeable about the various instruments in the shop.

Downtown Claremont is really a charming little village. We walked around and did a bit more shopping before heading up the road.
Last stop, the Donut Man in Glendora. I'd been here before, but Larry never had. The place is legendary for their strawberry and peach donuts. Sadly, the season is over for those flavors.  They had apple and pumpkin donuts in season.  Larry opted for a glazed cruller. I had one bite. Divine!

Larry at The Donut Man
We had a wonderful day exploring the far reaches of Los Angeles County!

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Jolly Holidaze!

Rhoda Jeff, Larry, Audrey and Roz

Oh, we certainly had a good time on December 25th and 26th! We had brunch with Mom, Rhoda, Audrey and Jeffrey at our house on the 25th. Everyone brought yummy stuff for our traditional lox, bagels, etc. brunch. Of course, there were gifties too!  To see ALL the photos, click HERE

Jeff and Audrey in their cozy, crocheted beards

Larry's new pet

The following day, my Knitgrrlz and a few extras came over for our yearly gift extravaganza-a-rama-a-go-go! Natalie, Joe, Mary Jo, Alyson, Darcy, Danette, Ellen and Larry.  We missed Brit this year. We will pummel you with gifts in January, Ms. Snowbird!

Alyson, Danette, Darcy, Ellen, Joe, Natalie, Mary Jo

I crocheted beards for EVERYONE!

Elf Larry took some excellent photos!

To view more photos, click HERE! You don't want to miss seeing all of the yummy goodies that everyone brought!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Almost Ready!

We're almost ready for our holiday guests. We're having Mom and some very close friends over for brunch tomorrow. This is an easy meal, our traditional lox, white fish salad, bagels, deviled eggs, etc. We have a gift extravaganza and lots of laughs!

Brunch dishes. Ready!

On Boxing Day, my KnitGrrlz are coming over for dinner. Luckily, everyone is contributing to this feast. I'm cooking the main meal. Others are bringing appetizers, drinks, salad and dessert. This is REALLY a gift extravaganza-a-rama-a-go-go! Much hilarity will ensue.

Holiday Cards Displayed

Kitschy Decorations

Larry bought a beautiful seasonal flower arrangement

We are prepared!

The aluminum tree is up and decorated with yarny goodies. Also, ukuleles under the tree just in case there might be some singing!

Happy Christmas to everyone!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Hollywood Holidays!

click on picture to enlarge

I'm officially on vacation from work for the next two weeks.  Time is tight, Kids. I hope to update some during vacation, but not on a daily basis.
I wish all of my readers a happy, healthy holiday season!
The photo above of the building was taken by Larry Underhill. The insert/poster photo of Larry and Ellen was snapped by graphic designer, Chris Green at E. Waldo Ward & Sons in Arcadia, CA.  Ellen came up with the card concept, Larry executed the concept.  We are a team!
This building is located on the north/east corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Van Ness Avenue in Hollywood.
Happy Holidays!

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Friday, December 18, 2015

WeHoHoHo Holiday Hat Party - 2015

We had a great time last night at our West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch WeHoHoHo Holiday Hat Party at the Original Farmers Market! It was great to see so many of our members in attendance! There were yummy treats and FABULOUSLY festive holiday hats!  Click on this LINK to see all of our photos. 
So great to see EVERYONE!

Meri tells it like it is!

Natalie, Nora and Denise had the MOST creative and festive hats!
Beard Mama and the Merry Monkey
On to the rest of the festivities for the season!  Have a great weekend, my friends!

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

More Holiday Prep!

Gift Tags by Helen Dardik

Last night I wrapped at least a million gifts for my friends and family!  This is back-breaking work! After I wrapped all the gifts I couldn't find my supply of gift tags! I usually have a bunch of tags stashed away with the ribbons and paper. I must have used them up last year!
The innernets are wonderful. I found FREE gift tags to print by this fabulous artist, Helen Dardik. Her work is very whimsical and sweet. Her blog name is "Orange You Lucky." She is giving away these images to her fans. There are gift tags dating back to 2010. Just navigate her page and you'll find so many adorbs tags to copy and print on card stock. Thank you, Helen.

Helen's art reminds me so much of the work by Mary Blair. Mary was an artist for Disney during the early years, in addition to illustrating children's books. 
The Artwork of Mary Blair
by Mary Blair

There's so much more cool stuff on Helen's blog!  Check it out!  You're welcome.

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