Friday, January 29, 2016

Uke Time

Last week I started a ukulele workshop at Boulevard Music, taught by Cali Rose. Cali is an excellent teacher. This class is for people who already have knowledge of ukulele chords and basic strums. We're learning new songs, new arrangements and a few embellishments, licks, etc. I really like this workshop and am glad that I'm focusing on playing again.
I am constantly inspired by famous folks who played the ukulele. There are tons of photos online...

George Harrison
Marilyn Monroe

Pete Townsend

Paul McCartney

Shirley Temple

John Lennon
Spanky McFarland

Elvis Presley
Lego Man
Barack Obama
I'd say I was in good company!!  Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.

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At 6:33 PM PST, Blogger Lizzy Tex Borden said...

...and who was that guy in the early 70's... Tiny... Um... Tiny... Uh... Oh darn I can't remember... :)

At 6:47 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hahaha! Yup! Tiny Tim. I thought he was too well known as a uke player to post!


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