Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Wonder Valentine's Scrubbie Swap

Winter Wonder Valentine's Scrubbie Swap.  That's a mouthful! Every year the Annual Dishcloth Swap group on Ravelry holds a scrubbie swap.  A scrubbie is smaller than a dishcloth, usually used to scrub pots, dishes, etc.  You could also use a scrubbie like a tawashi, to washi your face or body if the cotton isn't too rough. There's still time to knit and/or crochet three scrubbies for this swap. The due date is February 1, 2016.
I like the scrubbie swap. It's fairly easy to make 3 small scrubbies...they're like drink coasters.
Here are a few of my entries in the past:

2014 Scrubbies with a holiday theme
Tidy Scrub with handy strap, 2011
Flower Power Scrubbies, 2012

Scour Flowers with Nylon Netting Centers, 2013

This year I was determined to make a scrubbie that had some scouring capabilities. I could have used nylon netting in addition to 100% cotton, but sometimes, the netting is a bit too abrasive. I decided to let the shape of my design work for me. I came up with the "Bobble Scrubbie." I will write a pattern for it within the next month or so. It's alternating rows of 4-stitch bobbles with single crochet. It's very nubby. I like it!
Those mighty bobbles have lots of scrubbing power!

Come on! Get out your ball o' cotton, needles and/or hooks and make some scrubbies!

Here is the pattern/recipe for the Bobble Scrubbie:
With main color (MC), chain 19.
Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook and across. You should have 17 sc, total. Chain 1.
Row 2: sc in first 2 stitches. Make bobble (which is really a POPCORN) in 3rd stitch. (To make a popcorn,  Work 4 double crochet (dc) stitches in the same stitch. Remove hook and insert your hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the first double crochet of the group. Grab the dropped 4th loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch, chain 1).
sc in 4th stitch.
Alternate making popcorn and sc stitches across, ending with 2 sc.
Row 3: sc across. Remember to maintain your 17 stitches. Chain 1

Alternate between Rows 2 and 3 until you have 7 popcorn rows. End with row 3. 
Finishing:  sc around the entire scrubbie, placing 3 sc stitches in each corner. This will make a neat edge around the entire piece. 
For the second and third rounds, change to a Contrasting Color (CC) and repeat the Finishing row.  Fasten off, weave in ends.

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