Friday, March 18, 2016

Vintage Photo Friday - The Bloom Girls

The Bloom Girls, Amie, Barbara, Carol and Ellen. 1992, Playa del Rey

This weekend my Cousin Amie's younger son, Eric is getting married to the lovely Natasha. This should be a fun wedding. I look forward to seeing my cousins, A,B and C (Amie, Barbara and Carol). We are the Bloom Girls. We're all within 4 years of age and were thrown into each other's company endlessly when we were children. It was always fun going over to my Aunt Frances' and Uncle Mort's house to visit with my cousins. Even though Barbara and Carol have moved away from Los Angeles, it's like we've just seen each other yesterday when we get together.
The Bride and Groom, Natasha and Eric

The reception is being held at The Holding Company, located in Historic Filipino Town. Larry and I were nearby at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater just last Sunday, so we drove by The Holding Company to scope it out. At first, we didn't see where it was located. We did see The Medusa Lounge which used to be The Lowenbrau Keller, a German restaurant that we used to frequent. Judging from the online photos, it looks like The Medusa has retained all of the decor of the old Lowenbrau. It was filled with armor, shields, swords and decadent European artifacts and furniture. The beer stein and taxidermy collections were legendary!
The Old Lowenbrau Keller Restaurant

The Old Lowenbrau Keller Restaurant with Armour!
We finally discovered the address sign for The Holding Company down the alley next door to The Lowenbrau.  Wow! This is like entering a speakeasy...hidden away. 
"X" marks the spot for the entrance to The Holding Company, down the alley!

It appears that The Holding Company is a wide open space that can be decorated for each event.
The Holding Company Space
Looking forward to seeing The Bloom Girls and their families tomorrow! Congratulations Natasha and Eric!

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