Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Ultimate Tribute Art Show

Chicken Boy, The Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles

"Chicken Boy: That's My Name!" This was one of the best art shows I've ever seen in tribute to local icon, Chicken Boy. Here is the true STORY OF CHICKEN BOY, just in case you may not know who he is. 
Did you read it?  See? He really is an L.A. icon! 
Thank you, Amy Inouye for rescuing The Boy. Seriously, you should be given a Los Angeles Preservation Award for Roadside Attractions. Larry and I have a strong fondness for The Boy. His body and his bucket resided in our backyard for a number of years before his resurrection to Figueroa Boulevard (aka Route 66), atop Future Studio in historic Highland Park.
On with the show! There were so many wonderful depictions of CB, that I simply could not post them all here. You must call Future Studio and see this show! Here are a few pieces:
Painting of Chicken Boy by Miriam Jackson
Click on Photo to Embiggen
Barbara Thomason with her painting, "Chicken Boy and the Pyrocumulus Cloud"
"Velvet Chicken Boy" by Anonymous Tia Juana artist
"Bricken Boy" by Kristen Johanessen
"Chicken Boy Over Highland Park" by Anna Stump and Ted Meyer
Top canvas: "The Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles"
Bottom canvas: "Mi Bucket Es Su Bucket" by Amy Inouye
I do LOVE CB in beans, rice and popcorn!
watercolor by Katsu Yokoyama
"House of Chicken Boy" Heraldic Achievement by Lyn Major
"I Glove Chicken Boy" by Kristen Johanessen
Etching by Akemi Uchiyama. This must be how it all began!

....AND, there were pies, pizza and sweet, to celebrate upcoming National Pi-Day in Los Angeles! We saw lots of friends, ate some pie, shopped in the Chicken Boy store and generally had a wonderful evening. I'm inspired now to make my own Chicken Boy art!
L.A. Conservancy's Cindy Olnick with Gallery Owner, Amy Inouye
Artist, Ester Petschar
Artists, Ted Meyer and Anna Stump with their piece
The Star of "L.A. Is My Beat," Photographer, Larry Underhill
I urge you to attend the NELA Art Gallery Night next month is historic Highland Park. 

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At 7:21 AM PDT, Blogger ken bloom said...

My most remarkable Chicken Boy moment happened a number of years ago. I was packing up and getting ready to leave the Guilford Courthouse re-enactment in Greensboro. This is where we re-enact the Revolutionary War battle that took place there. I had on a Checken Boy tee shirt and as I was getting ready to leave, one of the participants stpped me and asked me about the teeshirt. He was from California and had come all the way to North Carolina to be at the re-enactment. He was also a Checken Boy enthusiast. He told me that Checken Boy was the last thing he expected to see here in North Carolina. All Hail Checken Boy!
Congratulations on your anniversery! You have a life filled with love and Art. It doesn't get much better than that.

At 10:18 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Awww...thanks Kenny, my sweet brother! I must replenish your CB t-shirt supply soon! Looking forward to your visit to LA so you can see CB in person!

At 12:23 PM PDT, Blogger Janet Olenik said...

Stu and Amy are two reasons why we live in Los Angeles....and Chicken Boy makes three.

At 12:27 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Yes, Stuart and Amy are the BEST!

At 12:38 AM PST, Blogger Peace in Pieces said...

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