Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Backyard Shame

Backyard of Shame

Every year, just before the summer season is about to begin, I beg Larry to fix up just a portion of our backyard so we can have a shaded area for a picnic table, barbecue and a few lounge chairs. I've lived here for 25 years. For the first 14 or so, we actually had a lovely, grassy backyard. THEN, we tore down the original 1926 garage and built a photo studio and 2-car garage at the back of our property. This left a large pile of dirt between the studio/garage and the house. In 2009 we built an addition to our home. This made our backyard much smaller, but our house infinitely more livable. There's still plenty of room in the yard for a patio area.
Garage/Studio in the background. Room addition, 2009.

This is all I'm asking for, but with an umbrella!

I do not like to kvetch online, my husband seems immune to guilt! I will try once more and let the world know that Larry is a backyard slacker! PULEEEEZE, just clear an area, put down a few pieces of plywood, some potted plants, a picnic table with an umbrella and string up some lights! Done! Backyard heaven!
This could be us, LARRY! (If only).

I do not want any presents for my July birthday. I need a patio! I'm cryin' here!

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At 3:56 PM PDT, Blogger Jamie Jamison said...

LOL! Ellen - I have one up on you. My 1981 AMC (Spirit) has been accused of lowering local property values. And my lawn is "dorment" while I slowly replace it with hers, dye plants and water tolerant ground cover.

To make matters even more scary for local realtors... while helping unload lumber from the back of the car I managed to put a 4x4 through the hatch back window. Looks lovely while waiting for the AutoGlass guy.

At 3:57 PM PDT, Blogger Jamie Jamison said...

Ment to say "berbs" not "hers".

At 3:57 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Yikes! Sounds divine, Jamie!


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