Friday, May 27, 2016

The Long Weekend - Vintage Photo Friday

1961. Photo by Alan Hyde. Valley Times Collection. "Relaxing"

Oh! So many choices of things to do during the long holiday weekend! Memorial Day weekend starts for me at 1pm today/Friday! I'm going to try and get most of my errands out of the way today so I can relax and have fun over the weekend. I'll be playing ukulele, knitting, crocheting, BBQ-ing, reading, seeing artwork, riding the rails and generally enjoying Los Angeles!
Here are a few vintage photos from the Los Angeles Library Photo Archives of people enjoying themselves in our beautiful City!
1962. Photo by Jeff Goldwater. Valley Times Collection. "Hootenanny in the Park"
1955. Valley Times. "Knitting with Friends"
1964. Photo by Steve Young. Valley Times. "Gourmet Picnic"
Have a wonderful holiday weekend! See you around town!

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