Wednesday, June 01, 2016

DTLA Field Trip

Grand Central Market, DTLA

On Memorial Day we had a date with Audrey and Jeff for a mini-field trip. We met for lunch at Grand Central Market. Each of us chose a different vendor: Audrey went old-school classic GCM with the China Cafe; Jeff chose his BBQ sandwich from Horse Thief; Larry had a sandwich from Valerie's and I had a ceviche tostada from La Tostaderia.  The Market was bustling!  I still have not eaten at Egg Slut. Whenever I'm there, the line is usually around the block for that place!
We managed to secure a little table, out of the way, across from Valerie's Confections. Valerie's is known (to my crowd, anyway) for duplicating the historic Blum's Coffee Crunch Cake. I haven't had a slice of that cake in almost 50 years, since Blum's moved from Beverly Drive and Wilshire around 1967! Of course, we split one piece for the four of us. It was heavenly. I know exactly the cake I'm having for my birthday this summer!

After lunch we hiked up Bunker Hill on our way to MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art. Angel's Flight is inoperable at this time, so we really HIKED up all those stairs from Spring Street to Grand Ave. Naturally, we stopped along the way to take photos.
Gateway to Angels Flight
The two little cars, Sinai and Olivet are at rest for now
Larry did a little MORE climbing to get the perfect shot of Angel's Flight!

We hadn't been to MOCA in a long time. We walked through the exhibition, "The Art of Our Time" and saw many old favorites. I do LOVE the Mark Rothko room!
Paintings by Mark Rothko @MOCA
It was a good field trip with our friends!

Jeff, Larry and Audrey @MOCA

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