Monday, July 11, 2016

Chinatown, My Chinatown

Chung King Road, Chinatown

Every time we venture to DTLA and visit Chinatown, this old song comes to mind! We missed the opening on Saturday night, but we wanted to see the paintings of Mark Gash and hear Johanna Went's art talk about the gallery show that she curated at Coagula in CHINATOWN! On a very hot Sunday afternoon, we traipsed down to Chung King Road and saw the remnants of the big party the previous night.
Johanna Went and Mat Gleason at Coagula Gallery

We ran into Bob Moss and he told us it was like a high school reunion. Everyone from the punk club scene in Los Angeles came to Chung King Road on Saturday, including a performance by the L.A. band, The Fibonaccis.
Bob Moss
On Sunday, Johanna gave us a quick synopsis of artist, Mark Gash's life and about his artwork that is displayed at Coagula. This show focuses on Mark's paintings of women punk rockers, singers, songwriters, models, actresses, artists and hardcore female fans. There are also a number of Mark's cartoons displayed in the gallery's windows. This is an excellent show and a must-see! Here are a few images:
Cartoon by Mark Gash
Fibonaccis Lead Singer, Maggie Song, painting by Mark Gash
Coagula Gallery
We also wanted to see the show at the Escalante Gallery, Jorge Gutierez, "Border Bang." This is a group of colorful poster-like paintings.  From the website: Border Bang is a passionate love letter to the Tijuana and US border, documenting the bootleg artifacts sold to locals and tourists alike. Reappropriating the bombardment of pop culture images is the border’s reaction to global issues and events, telling viewers and consumers not to glorify these situations but rather to acknowledge them through their subversive presentation. 
WOW! These paintings pack a punch! They are fun, irreverant and shocking, all at the same time. 
The re-imagining of Bart Simpson, border style
This is Frida Kahlo. The artist's statement: "Her image is everywhere as you cross the border. I'm sure she would think it's hilarious. I first became obsessed with her tragic and triumphant story in junior high. Our very own beloved martyr goddess art super star. We are all Frida and Frida is all of us."
Even though the weather was hot and muggy and we were sproiling, a trip to Chinatown is always enlightening!

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