Friday, July 08, 2016


Vintage Photo Friday. I've written about this previously, but it bears repeating!
General Store Looted, 1807 103rd St., Watts, 8/17/65,
Herald-Examiner Collection

Come on! I know it sounds trite. It's been said thousands of times, but "give peace a chance!" Everywhere we look there is civil unrest, misunderstandings, paranoia, violence. I'm reminded of a time of violence here in Los Angeles. 51 years ago, 1965, the area of Los Angeles known as Watts erupted in violence. You can read a little bit about the history of the riots here.
Police Shakedown during Watts Riots. August 10, 1965.
Photo by Dave Cicero for the Herald-Examiner

These are powerful photographs of the aftermath of the riots, courtesy of the L.A. Public Library Photo Collection.
Checkpoints, Watts, August 16, 1965
Herald-Examiner Collection

Results of this unrest are still with us today. It is important to be involved in your neighborhood. Remember to voice your thoughts at community meetings and exercise your right to vote! Keep those cellphone cameras rolling. Everyone must be accountable!
Crocheted Peace Sign

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