Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy 99th Birthday Uncle Mort!

We're lucky to have longevity in our family! My Dad's older brother, Mort is 99 years old today.  On the other side of our family, my Mom's older sister, Mae will be 99 in December. My brother and I hope to be around for a few more decades!
Sunday was the last day of my brother, Ken's visit to L.A. We started out the day with brunch at Hillcrest Country Club, courtesy of Auntie Mae. It was just the five of us. We really had a chance to visit. I like small groups!
Larry, Ken, Mae, Roz (clockwise)

After brunch, Ken, Larry and I visited the Hammer Museum in Westwood. I'll save those photos for tomorrow's post.
In the evening we drove to Uncle Mort's house in Playa del Rey. This was a pre-birthday celebration. Since Ken was leaving town Sunday night, my cousins decided to have two small parties for the celebration...one on Sunday and one today.
It was a wonderful gathering. We enjoyed a Chinese feast, cake and ice-cream and PRESENTS!
Uncle Mort at 99
Eric, Rob and Amie
Top Row: Larry, Max, Ellen, Natasha, Eric, Carol, Rob, Amie. Bottom Row: Roz, Ken, Mort and Benji
Barbara and Mahong flew in later in the evening. This is Barbara at Mort's 98th Birthday!
Ellen and Carol
Natasha and Max

Everyone had a great time!

Kathy and her adorable doggies
Later, there was coloring!
Sunset over Playa del Rey
Happy Birthday Uncle Mort!

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