Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My New Stitch 'n Bitch Group

Ingrato Crochet Artists, Chile

One of my international fiber friends, Prudence Mapstone, posted this amazing VIDEO from crocheters in Chile. The Facebook name of this person/group is Ingrato. All of the information on this page is in Spanish, but I can kind of figure out that this is a creative group of crocheters that like to make masks. The translated version of the video description is:
"New monsters wandering around the city were seen this time in Santa Lucia Hill using their artifact of manual infection with which, together with an strange yarn material, they distort the structure of human beings creating monsters with strange, disgusting appearances ."
Also, "The face, as the most important part of human communication , the mirror of the soul, had suddenly been deleted ."
From Ingrato's FB page: "Today concludes the first workshop of fabric of masks. I feel complete and happy after seeing the results of l@s chiquill@s. I hope to be able to do more of these workshops and meeting people full of creativity."
I want to go to one of Ingrato's workshops!! Imagine a group of us at The Coffee Bean in Santa Monica or at the Original Farmers Market in WeHo, wearing these fantastic hat/masks and knitting and/or crocheting as usual? Just thinkin' that this may be a good Halloween Costume for our annual Stitch 'n Witch

Check out the INGRATO PHOTO PAGE for more astonishing crocheters!
INGRATO!  One day, this will be me.

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