Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Massive Amounts of Yarn!

Ellen's Crawl Haul

On Saturday, the third day of the official L.A. County Yarn Crawl I zipped over to Atwater to attend the last days of The LIttle Knittery at this location. I love this little shop, but I was happy to hear that they are moving a bit closer to me. Los Feliz Village is their destination, hopefully by early May!
Moving to Los Feliz!
I wanted to be sure and buy a couple of skeins of owner, Kat Coyle's namesake yarn!  It's beautiful!
On the very last day, Sunday, of the 2017 L.A. County Yarn Crawl #yarncrawla2017, I crawled to 4 shops and a yarn truck with the West Adams Knitters. Dommy was gracious enough to drive me, Mary and Francesca ALL over the place! She also knew the perfect spot for lunch and refreshment. Dommy is a very knowledgeable citizen of Los Angeles County!
Our first stop was Twist, Yarns of Intrigue in Manhattan Beach. This is a very special shop. The owner, Kathy, dyes her own yarns and they are certainly intriguing and unique! An added plus, Kathy's partner in life is my ol' grammar school and high school friend, Steve. It's always fun visiting.
Kathy and Steve at Twist
Gorgeous Yarn at Twist

Guild friend, Kim was working at Twist on Sunday
We were all happy with our purchases! Ellen, Mary, Francesca and Dommy
TIME FOR LUNCH! Dommy drove us to an excellent Pakistani and Indian restaurant called Alnoor in Lawndale. It was between Twist and our next stop, The Knitting Tree in Inglewood.
The Knitting Tree is really my home shop. It has the BEST selection of everything, high-end to lower-end yarn, along with accessories and excellent advice. The Branch Gallery adjoining the shop is always interesting too. 
The Branch Gallery at The Knitting Tree
We hopped in Dommy's car and took the long drive out to Pasadena. Next shop is new-ish, called Wollhaus. Abuelita's Yarn Shop was formerly in this charming spot. The shop is located on Colorado Boulevard, east of The Paseo in a sweet little Spanish courtyard. There's a loft and the yarn selection is varied and different from other shops.
Shopping at Wollhaus in Pasadena

Our final stop for the day was way out in La Verne! There's a shop that none of us had visited called Make One. An added plus was that the Yarnover Truck was parked next to Make One!
Shopping at Make One
Make One has some rather unusual yarn, a bulky yarn with doo-dads attached that you can knit right into your piece!

Make One also carries these humongous wheels of roving by Noro Yarns of Nature. Quite startling!
Wheels of Noro Roving!

Barbra and Maridee, owners of the Yarnover Truck
The end of a long and satisfying yarny day with my peeps!
Thanks again to Dommy for driving us all over creation! It was a super fun day!

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