Monday, April 03, 2017

WeHo Saturday Night

Larry Rivers, "Portrait of James Audubon"

Larry took me to 101 / Exhibit Gallery on Saturday night for their opening, "Birds of America. Explorations of Audubon: The Paintings of Larry Rivers and Others."
The opening was so interesting. The gallery represents the estate of artist, Larry Rivers. The many Rivers paintings were inspired by John James Audubon's book, "Birds of America" all painted in the 1990s. These paintings are a re-interpretation of Audubon's illustrations of bird and plant life in America. Other artists were invited to paint their interpretation of one plate of Audubon's original book. The book illustrations were displayed beneath each artists' painting. The exhibit continues through May 13th.
You can see professional photographs (by Mr. Larry Underhill) on the gallery's website
Larry captures the gallery scene, next to Thomas Frontini's "Brown Pelican"
Patrick Neal, "Indigo Bird"
Artist Nelson Loskamp with his piece, "Golden Eagle"
We were enjoying the art and people watching when, to our surprise, in walked our friends, Audrey and Jeff! We'd just had dinner with them last Saturday. We're always thrilled to run into the Tawa/Burbanks.
Larry, Audrey, Jeff
We like walking around this decorator area of West Hollywood. This is on the edge of Beverly Hills. For a while in the mid-1960s, my family lived a few blocks from this stretch of Melrose and Santa Monica. It was a frequent bike-riding 'hood for me and my friends. Remember The SherMart? 
We walked past the old Factory building. I remember disco dancing here in the 70s and seeing a great one-woman show with Rita Moreno. 
The Factory, West Hollywood
We also walked past this curious sign on Almont Drive. I suppose it's an art installation. Do you know?
Almont Drive, West Hollywood

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