Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I've completed TWO Welcome Blankets! #welcomeblanket
Ellen's Welcome Blankets

I struggled a bit with my first red, white and blue blanket. I used the Corner2Corner crochet stitch. While this stitch is great for garments, it doesn't really lend itself to modular crochet. Stitching the blocks together for the design was tedious. Once I figured this out, I bit the bullet and just carried on until I was finished. 
Corner2Corner Welcome Blanket

For my second blanket, I discovered this tutorial for diagonals/triangles within a granny square. The uniform edges of a granny square are much easier to join than the Corner2Corner squares! 
Granny Triangle Welcome Blanket

I like this triangle granny square so much, that I'm now working on a baby blanket for one of my cousins using this pattern in blush pink and gray washable yarn.
Future Baby Blanket

Join me in making your own #welcomeblanket. Find the details HERE

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