Monday, July 31, 2017

Carnival Colors

Carnival Colors!

I wanted to make one more Welcome Blanket to contribute to this CAUSE. I've sent in two blankets, using diagonal squares as suggested. I do love making diagonal granny squares, but I REALLY like crocheting the Willow Square. I've used it so many times in projects. I just love the pattern and the lacy look.
I combed through my stash acrylic yarn and found that I had enough "carnival" colors to make one 40-inch square afghan, the recommended size for the #welcomeblanket. Yowza! This is certainly bright and colorful!
Willow-Carnival Welcome Blanket

Just a few more squares to crochet, then a couple of rows for a border around the entire piece and I'll be ready to send my third Welcome Blanket to The Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago. You can see more blankets HERE for this great project. 
I am so thrilled that this project has become so popular with fiber artists across the country. By helping new immigrants when they come to our country we are instigating conversations around issues of human rights, immigration and the legacy of craft-activism.

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